Light has always drawn me.  It has whispered to me, taken my hand and beseeched me to come outside and observe the world before me.  From a young age, walking through the splendors of an unspoiled South Florida, through my older years, walking amidst the endless beauty of Vermont’s mountains and valleys, light has been an endless source of wonder, astonishment, and pure joy.  Whether it be sunlight, moonlight, starlight, or the light at the center of all life, it has been the exploration of light that has guided my journey.

Handed a camera by my father at the age of sixteen, it became my compass, my roadmap, the means by which I found expression.  And so it continues to this day.  Light speaks to me. . . takes my breath away. It is an endless source of inspiration and sustenance.  

I truly hope that you enjoy looking at my work.